A unique charasterestic of ancient martial arts systems are  their deep knowledge of the human organism both physical and psychological. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of these systems have a department that deals with healing. Kalaripayattu is no exception. Kalaripayattu masters are known for their profound knowledge of the human body and are accomplished healers. Northern and Central styles of Kalaripayattu base their healing techniques on the science of Ayurveda where the southern styles base theirs on the Siddha medicine system.

Central to the medical approach is the concept of life energy that flows through every living being called Prana (the Chinese systems called it Chi). Kalari treatment or Kalari Chikitsa emphasizes on harmonizing the flow of Prana to heal ailments.

Knowledge of how Prana flowed through vessels called Nadis and how at certain points of the body these Nadis came closest to the skin (marmas, or pressure points) once empowered the Kalari Warrior to kill his enemy in one blow at the right spot. At the healing end, the system came as an aide to injured warriors regain their energy. Today common people make use of its benefits.


At CVN Kalari Bangalore Kalari treatment offered ranges from traditional ayurvedic massages treatments for Skeleto-muscular and Neuromuscular disorders. We offer

Specialised Marma treatment (treating and stabilizing the energy channels of the body)
Body massage treatments for De-stressing, Relaxation & Rejuvenation With Ayurvedic Oil-Navarakizhi, Pizyichil, Dhara, Vasthi Etc.
Cervical Spondylitis
Lumbar Spondylitis
Frozen Shoulders
Knee Joint pain
Early Stages of Arthritis
Sports Ailments
Computer Related Injuries (CRI)
Ailments due to impact of Injuries; and more.

CVN Kalari Treatment Center has a team of professionally qualified physicians and therapists. Who has spent years revealing the benefits ancient systems of Ayurveda. Subsequently they have devoted themselves in creating a modern facility. And the physicians closely analyses the individual requirements  of each patient following this a course of treatments is prescribed taking into account factors like age, life style and seriousness of the conditions and also advise on appropriate diet and certain life style changes.

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